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2015 Ezzy Elite

Ezzy Elite

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2015 Ezzy Elite

The 2015 Ezzy Elite

  • An ultra light-weight 4 batten wave sail
  • Works well in all wave conditions as well as flat water
  • Very stable and supremely balanced 
  • Wide wind range, so fewer sails are needed in your quiver
  • Calibrated rigging system makes setting the downhaul a no-brainer
  • New printed downhaul indicators for rigging on non-Ezzy Mats.
  • Bullet proof most durable construction in the industry
  • Every Ezzy Sail including all Elite's are rigged and inspected before severy leaving the factory

2015 Ezzy Elite
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2014 Ezzy Tiger
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The Ezzy Elite Wave Sail for 2015 is the best all aorund wave sail in Ezzy's line.  Whether you are in side-shore wave or on-shore bump and jump conditions the 2015 Ezzy Elite is great choice.  With the range and stability of a 5 batten wave sail and the light weight of a four batten wave sail, the Ezzy Elite has it all.   A stable draft pocket creates a single pull point in the sail so you never feel any back hand pressure if the sail starts to get over powered.  Ezzy builds more draft into his wave sails than any other brand by far.  Sitting rigged in the shop an Ezzy looks fully powered while any other brand looks flat and gutless.  It's hard to be able to sel any other brand of sails when rigged next to an Ezzy.   The Ezzy Elite will be the go to wave sail for typical Hatteras conditions this year.  I can't wait to get my hands on my quiver.

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