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Ezzy Quiver Discount Program

Here at Fox we strive to provide the best windsurfing gear at the best price around and that is no different with Ezzy Sails.  We offer a multi sail discount program for those sailors looking to replace multiple sails at once.  Below are the discount levels based on the numbers of sails you buy.  The best way to get the best price for any Ezzy is to give us a call.  Sometimes we can't advertise out instore pricing because it's too low and other Ezzy dealers get upset.  If you want an Ezzy Sail give us a call or email and you are sure to get the best deal possible we guarantee it.

  • 1 Ezzy Sail - 6%
  • 2 Ezzy Sails - 9%
  • 3 Ezzy Sails - 12%
  • 4 Ezzy Sails - 15%

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