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2015 JP Australia Magic Ride

This is a thrilling and exciting concept desing to make planing and jibing accessible and successful. The MagicRide features and extra wide, short and thin hull design that inspires planing excitement in a wide variety of wind and water conditions. It is part of the freemove / freeride class of boards and provides easiest jibing possible - normally found on much smaller / boards. They provide impressive early planing and top speeds through a combination of special passive rocker line, and wide point forward of the midsection of board. The thin structure and even outline also provide riders with enormous control in choppy conditions and at high speeds. The MagicRides will amaze riders with how effortless they are to plane and easily it is to access footstraps. The width provides a large sweat spot for comfort and ability to carry a large range of sail sizes dispite their relative volume. New additional 111 liter sizing now available. Simply magical early planing, easy jibing and easy riding – the MagicRide! 

 $1899 JP Magic Ride


2015 JP Australia Magic Ride Sizes

Magic Ride Length Width Volume Weight Fin Size Sail Size
104 239 68 104 15.9 lbs 36 PB 5.0-7.0
111 239 72 111 17.0 lbs 38 PB 5.7-7.5
118 239 76 118 17.6 lbs 40 PB 6.0-8.0
132 240 84 132 18.5 lbs 44 PB >6.5

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