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Fox Watersports

In our opinion Dinky's is the best restaurant on Hatteras Island.  Specializing in local seafood, Dinkys has daily specials but the staples on the menu are the shellfish trio and the tuna tartar appetizer.   Its a smaller place so get there early in the summer cause they will be on a wait most night after 7.

Ketch 55

 Formerly MacDaddys, Ketch 55 is our second favorite restaurant on the island.  Located in Avon Ketch has daily specials but the shrimp & grits is a must.  With a spacious bar its not a bad place to grab a beer after the days sessions either.

Hatteras Sol is another favorite for lunch on the located.  Located in Hatteras Village at Stowe on 12 they have some of the best food around.  If you are in Hatteras Village around lunch time this is the place to be.  The are open year round as well.

Buxton Munch

 Buxton Munch is the goto place for lunch.  They are know for their wraps but our favorite is the quesadilla with the spicy rasberry sauce.

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